Rosalee & Gene Serra; Roselle Raines; Bob & Sue Marrin; Mr. & Mrs Alhadeff
Brooke Philipson & grandma, Betty Arogeti with Louie Roistacher and Mark Fishman
Top: Dr. Jack Behar & Mary Mushabac Behar; Louise Barocas; Arlene Grabo (mother LaShayne Arogeti); unknown male with cousin Luna from Israel. Bottom: Botom: Don Stein & Renee Barocas Stein; Aaronette Swerdlin (mother of Maxine Swerdlin Barocas); Sadie Entrekin.
Alan Schulman and Ervin Barocas
Big Brother, Ervin Barocas
Brother, Ervin Barocas
Gail Arogeti Philipson and Lisa Roistacher Fishman.  Cousins!
Cousins: Ervin Barocas; Salvadore Barrocas; Bobbi Behar Angel; Victor Barocas; Serena Behar Bloom and my, Joni Barocas at mom's 90th birthday in Atlanta.
David Barocas; Victor Barocas and Scotty Barocas.  Me and my sons at the wedding of baby son, David.
Cousins: Susan & Dr. Raymond Behar; Bobbi Behar Angel; Lisa Roistacher Fishman; Serena Behar Bloom; Jack Arogeti.
My niece from Maryland, Courtney Kinney and my dog, Peggy Feldman (named for the real life wife of Arthur Feldman)!!!.
Rachel Roistacher with grandma, Betty Barocas Roistacher & Aunt Lisa Roistacher Fishman.
Betty Barocas Roistacher; Louise Behar Barocas; Joni Braverman Barocas; Maxine Swerdlin Barocas.  Sister, Mom, Wife, sis in law
Two lifelong friends, Lewis Morris (Big LEW); Arthur Feldman.  Atlanta
First cousin, Betty Mardy Arogeti with her mom (my aunt) Sadie Behar Mardy - Atlanta
Susan Arogeti with husband, Jack and Jack's baby brother, Mardy Arogeti - Atlanta.
Arthur & Peggy Feldman at my birthday, after the waiter spilled a pitcher of iced tea on poor Artie!
Mother in law, Audrey Braverman with grandaughter Karlee Kenny
Parents of my wife, Audrey & Herb Braverman with grandson, Alex Panza
After Herb Braverman died, we convinced Audrey to leave Bergen County NJ and move to Forsyth County, GA.  What a change!
One of my best friends, Barry Slater (BUDDAH)!  Great guy.  Mean on the football field!!!
Betty Arogeti; Louie Roistacher & mom Betty Barocas Roistacher.
Bernie Roistacher & Betty Barocas Roistacher.  Bernie was THE GREATEST!
Audrey Braverman with daughters, Shari Kenny and Dr. Jill Braverman Panza
Jeff Kenny; Alex Panza; Tony Panza; Shari Kinney; Dr. Jill Braverman Panza; Karlee & Courtney Kinney in strollers.  My brothers & sisters in law & their kids.
Karlee Kinney with mom, Shari.  Dr. Jill Braverman Panza with niece Courtney Kinney.  Back: Wife, Joni Braverman Barocas and sister in law, Maxine Barocas
Braverman first cousins, Elise and Gwen
Joni & Victor Barocas in our backyard on the way to David Barocas wedding...
Great photo of my Dad, Sam Barocas - Atlanta 1973
Joni and I fishing on St. Johns River for large mouth bass back in 1989.  I caught a 10 pounder & she caught an 8 pounder
Joni Barocas with new daughter in law, Robyn Gerson Barocas in New Orleans in 1997.
First wife, Sivie Kashdan hugging wife, Joni Barocas....... Good Friends ALL!
A young, 19 year old Vic Barocas....!
Great Nephew, Harrison Barocas just made a nice catch!
I was kind of buff, a lot younger and enjoying a day at the Condo Pool!
My Joni and me enjoying a vacation night at the Atlantis in the Bahamas.. Oh to be young again!
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