Victor & Joni Barocas
over the years.  The picture above shows me at a "thin" 238 which was my weight when playing Atlanta City Football.  But, over the years I have floated from there to over 300 lbs.  Now, I am at 250, old, plump & happy!
Maxine Barocas (wife of Ervin); Victor Barocas; Renee Barocas Stein (sister); Joni Braverman Barocas (wife of Victor Barocas); Rebecca Fishman (great niece of Barocas); Ervin Barocas
Grandfather Barocas - Isaac Uziel Barocas - Reina Barocas-Barocas *he was born "Uziel" - adopted by "Barocas" - married his cousin "Barocas"
Grandfather (Behar) - Victor (Vitaly) Behar; Jack Behar; Rebecca Ereza Behar (Nona); Sadie (Sinyoru) Behar. My mother Louise and Uncle Joe were not yet born.
Siblings of my Father, Sam Barocas:
Leon Barocas; Sam Barocas; Amatha Barocas Funess; Nat Barocas; Leo Barocas
Sam Barocas siblings & wives:
Pearl Azose Barocas - Nat Barocas; Leo Barocas; Amatha Funess Barocas; Louise (Luna) - Sam Barocas; Esther - Leon Barocas
Victor Barocas Bar Mitzvah - Atlanta, Ga 1958: Ervin Barocas; Renee Barocas; Victor Barocas; Betty Barocas Roistacher; Bernie Roistacher; Louise (Luna) Barocas; Sam (Salti) Barocas; Rebecca Ereza Behar (Nona)
Victor Barocas (first marriage) to Sivie (Sylvia Degan) 1965 - GROOMSMEN:  Walter Degan (dec) (uncle to bride); Eddie Levin; Barry Slater; Arthur Feldman; Leopold (Lee) Degan (dec) (father of the bride); Victor Barocas (groom); Ervin Barocas (brother) (dec); Alan Schulman; Charles Lefkoff (dec); Bernie Roistacher (brother-in-law) (dec); Jerry Warshaw; Dickie Grosswald
Victor Barocas with first wife & sons: Victor Barocas; David Barocas; Sivie (Sylvia) Degan Barocas (now Kashdan); Scotty Barocas
Victor Barocas' Grandfather & Uncle about 1917 Atlanta, Ga.  Left - Victor (Vitaly) Behar (Papoo); Uncle Jack Behar (Dr.).  He had 2 stores they were on Decatur St. and Gilmer St.
Victor Barocas with grandaughter Lily Sara on vacation in Florida
Victor Barocas youngest son, David Barocas.  He was stationed in Germany during Desert Storm and was an Army M.P.
Caricature of Victor Barocas and Ervin Barocas (Brothers) done for a Magazine Ad.  We were seen portraying The Blues Brothers.............
Lily Sara Barocas, my grandaughter - taking it easy at the pool at our vacation place in Aruba....... 
Sophie Grace Barocas, my grandaughter at an Atlanta Falcons football game.  Go BIRDS!
Victor Barocas when I was The Great  Sephardic Hunter!  I used to hunt Wild Boar (poor pig!) in the mountains of Tenessee above Crossville. I could never bring myself to kill a Deer.
Wedding in Atlanta in 1912.  Present is my grandfather Victor Behar (his profile can be seen third from the bottom).  On his lap is my mother, Louise (Luna), behind her is my Aunt Sadie and the little boy's face peering our next to the bride is my Uncle Jack.  My grandmother, Rebecca Ereza Behar is the second lady on the right. (photo is on display in Rhodes Museum click below).  The individual wearing a hat in the back is Victor (Hayim) Papouchado who later married Catherine (Caden) Oumano in the home of my grandparents on July 17, 1913.
My oldest son, Scott Lee Barocas with wife Robyn Gerson Barocas.  Having fun in Aruba.
Victor Barocas grandaughter and great niece: Sophie Grace Barocas; Rachel Roistacher.  Both are real beauties!
Victor Barocas great uncle, Rabbi Solomon Ereza. He was the father of Luna Diamond and WAR HERO Monty Ereza who was killed in the Battle of the Bulge.
That's me, Victor Barocas at the wedding of cousin Ora Mardy to Harry Yolles.  The wedding took place in Washington DC
My great niece, Shana Fishman.  Daughter of my niece, Lisa Roistacher and Mark Fishman.  Grandaughter of my sister, Betty Barocas Roistacher.
My grandmothers:
Rebecca Ereza Behar; Reina Barocas-Barocas
My first cousins, Raymond Behar (Dr) and Victor Behar (Dr).  They were from Newark NJ but Raymond set up practice in Florida and Vic at Duke University.
My great grandparents and the mother of my grandmother Rebecca Ereza Behar & great Uncle Rabbi Solomon Ereza.  Luna Eskinazi & Rabbi Mordechai I. Ereza. They went on to have 5 more children in Bulgaria after they left Turkey.  All that family is now in Israel. 
Rabbi Mordechai I. Ereza shown with son Solomon Ereza - we think, but it could be one of his other sons, maybe Fiko, as he was looking pretty old for Solomon.
My youngest son, David Barocas at his High School Graduation.
My sister, Betty Barocas Roistacher with grandaughter Rebecca Fishman.
My sons at the Bar Mitzvah of my youngest, David. David Barocas, Sivie Degan Barocas (Kashdan), Victor Barocas, Scotty Barocas.
My grandmothers: Reina Barocas-Barocas; Rebecca Ereza Behar
My grandaughter, Sophie Grace Barocas, is now (2013) an "all star" catcher.  She has a rifle arm to second and can hit the ball out of the park!
My Joni when we first met.  WOW!!
My Joni with our grandaughter Sophie Grace Barocas
My Joni with daughter in law Robyn Gerson Barocas
My Joni demonstrating my latest contraption for a magazine article!
My Joni and me at home in Aruba.  Our "second home"!
My Joni with her mom, Audrey Singer Braverman... the greatest mother-in-law ever!
Grave of fallen American Hero, 1st. Lt. Monty Ereza.  He is buried in a special place at Arlington National Cemetery. He was born in Atlanta, lived in Washington and killed at the Battle of the Bulge.  My middle name is for him.  Thanks Mom & Dad!  He was the only son of my grandmothers brother, Rabbi Solomon Ereza and Aunt Sara, and the only brother of Luna Ereza Diamond.  He was wounded 3 times & insisted on re-joining his unit.  I have a letter from his hospital bed 60 days before his death.  May G-D Rest his Hero Soul!  THE GREATEST GENERATION......
Grandaughter Sophie Grace Bat Mitzvah in 2013.  Lily, Scotty, SOPHIE, Robyn.  In the back row is me (Victor Barocas), Joni, Scotty Robyn, Lily (in front), Sophie, Jane & Marshall Gerson (Robyn's parents from New Orleans), Sivie & Gary Kashdan (Sivie from my former marriage & her husband Gary).
Barocas Family Ketubah from Livorno Italy 1827
A true Behar Wedding (bride and groom are long gone!)  Seated: Susan Zeisler Behar & Dr. Raymond Behar; Susan Behar Bosnell; Dr. Marcy Behar Bolster Muzio; Standing: Mickey Light; Betty Barocas Roistacher; Joe Arogeti; Betty Mardy Arogeti; (unidentified behind Betty Arogeti); The tall guy is cousin, Zachary Yolles; Dr. Victor Behar; Dr. Lenore Balsam Behar.
One of many more photos of my Beautiful grandaughter Sophie Grace Barocas
A beautiful group shot of cousin Dr. Albert Barrocas (note 2 r's).  From Güines Cuba via Corlu Turkey, but in Atlanta since 1954.  Dr. Albert Barrocas & wife Maxine Handmacher Barrocas.  For all their names, visit  Note: Albert's Father was Isaac Barrocas who was the son of Chelebe who was the brother of my great grandfather - Judah Barocas from Corlu Turkey.  Albert's Father introduced my mother Luna Barocas (Atlanta) to my father Sam Barocas (NYC via Corlu Turkey)
Amanda Roistacher.  My great niece.  Daughter of Sammy & Gayle Roistacher. Grandaughter of my sister Betty Barocas Roistacher.
This is the ticket admissions book for the Louisiana Exposition (also known as the St. Louis Worlds Fair) that was in St. Louis to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.  The book, from 1904 was for my grandfather, Victor (Vitaly) Behar (1875 Istanbul - Nov. 26 1955 - Atlanta, GA).
My late brother, Ervin Barocas, shown very proudly with his son, Sandy (Samuel Isaac) at the University of Georgia G-Day.  Sandy was one of two Jewish players on that team.  The other, Bill Goldberg went on to become an Atlanta Falcon and later a world champion wrestler.
Me (Victor Barocas - PAWPAW) and grandaughter Lily in Aruba.  Man can she take a punch!!!
The home of my parents (Sam & Louise Barocas) and our second home in Atlanta.  It is called Magnolia Manor and is just a beautiful home with lots of land including actual Civil War trenches from the battles around Atlanta.  It was located at 1615 E. Sussex Rd. N.E.  They also owned and rented out the house next door at 1605 E. Sussex Rd. N.E.  
Susie Funess - Morty Greenwald.  Susie was daughter of Amatha Barocas Funess & Albert Funess & grandaughter of Isaac Uziel Barocas & Reina Barocas (the parents of my father, Sam Barocas).
Maxine Swerdlin Barocas.  Married my brother Ervin. She was Sweetheart of AEP Fraternity at Georgia State University when photo was taken.
My mother, Louise Behar (Barocas) in 1917 at Formwalt School in Atlanta, Ga.  She is third on the top row left to right.
Thats me, Victor Barocas.  Joni likes this one!
My uncle, Jack Behar; My Mom, Louise Behar (Barocas); My Aunt, Sadie Behar (Mardy) about 1914 Atlanta, GA.  Children of Victor (Vitaly) Behar and Rebecca Ereza Behar.  TO VIEW A VIDEO OF SADIE & LOUISE IN LATER YEARS GO TO: 
Well, we all went to Florida about 1980.  There is the PROOF, my best friend since first grade, Arthur Feldman actually appears to be grabbing some part of my former wife, Sivie Degan Barocas (Kashdan).  Arthur's daughter Amy married my brother's son, Sandy and now we are somehow related as I am the great uncle of his grandchildren.  Also, I named my dog, Arthur Feldman just to get back at him for grabbing my wife!!!!!  He swears that his hand is a good 2 inches away (lol)
Sam Barocas - my Father.  The day he bought THE THRIFTY Liquor Store, Beer Store and Deli.  His partner was his nephew through marriage, Joe Arogeti. The store was located on Spring Street in Atlanta next to Baltimore Place.
Salvadore Barrocas with wife Esther at the 90th birthday of my mother, Louise Behar Barocas.  It was catered by the Varsity (Hamburgers & Hotdogs
Sophie - Lily Barocas cutting up.  My grandaughters.  Mitey Cute!
Sandy (Samuel Isaac) Barocas engagement announcement to Amy Feldman.  Sandy is the son of my late brother Ervin & Maxine Swerdlin Barocas and Amy is the daughter of my best friend from first grade, Arthur Feldman & wife Peggy Harris Feldman.
Mardy & LaShane Arogeti.  Mardy is the youngest son of my first cousin Betty Mardy Arogeti & Joe Arogeti.  They have a son, Zachary, who just graduated from Riverside Military Academy (2013) in Gainesville, GA.
My sister & brother-inlaw.  Donald Saxon Stein & Renee Barocas Stein. Atlanta, GA.  Son, Elliott, not shown.
Arthur Feldman - My Best Friend since 1st grade at Morningside School in Atlanta.  We still talk almost every day.  He makes me laugh hard daily... really hard.  My nephew married his daughter - now, we are related by blood through his grandchildren.  That makes him miserable!
Scotty and me, both at the same age (22 years apart).  He lifts weights every day.  I put this photo up to show him that, when I was his age...I had the better build.  He disagrees!
David Barocas, my youngest son in high school he played football - then, he would go and act in plays.  I must admit, he was a better actor than a football player.  He was convinced he would be the next John Travolta!
Bernie Roistacher - Betty Barocas Roistacher.  Bernie, a GREAT brother-in-law, left us at a young age.  He took over my fathers night club, The Gaslight, after Dad died in 1975.  Bernie was funny... very funny.  He had an unreal outlook on life.  Most of his jokes, I found out later, actually came from my sister Betty!
Betty Barocas Roistacher, my sister, with Mickey Light.  Mickey had lost his wife Louise about the time Betty lost Bernie.  They forged a friendship and speak every day.  Mickey is now 91, can you believe it!  I wish I was in as good a condition as is he.  Mickey is another GREAT Guy!
My Grandmother, Rebecca Ereza Behar and her brother, Rabbi Solomon Ereza (from Istanbul, via Atlanta, via Washington DC, then back to Atlanta) along with her daughter Sadie Behar Mardy, meeting  brothers and sisters for the first time as these 5 were born in Bulgaria after after the first two had left Turkey.  The re-union was the 60th anniversary and was held in Israel where those 5 and their families settled. l to r: Rabbi Fiko Ereza; Rabbi Solomon Ereza; Aunt Victoria; Rebecca Ereza Behar (Nona); Aunt Esther; Aunt Pearla; my Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy; Uncle Nissim (Isadore) Ereza.  These were the children of Rabbi Mordechai I. Ereza and Luna Eshkanazi.
My niece, Lisa May Roistacher Fishman about the age of 3.  She is the daughter of Bernie Roistacher - Betty Barocas Roistacher.
My Dad, Grandpa Sam Barocas with grandkids (now in their 50's) Sammy Roistacher and Lisa Roistacher (Fishman).  Is Lisa beautiful, or what?
My Joni with Maxine. Two Barocas sisters-in-law
Victor Behar is the grandfather of the Behar Family.  It starts with his mother, Sinyorhu (Sadie) - 1845 & goes on
My Mom and Dad's wedding photo.  Sam Barocas to Louise Behar Barocas.  Dad was from New York via Corlu Turkey.  Mom was from Atlanta.  Dad was the son of Isaac Uziel Barocas and Reina Barocas-Barocas.  Mom was the daughter of Victor (Vitaly) Behar and Rebecca Ereza Behar.
Nephew, Mitchell Barocas (center) with his cousins Lee Swerdlin and his sister Allison Swerdlin.  Taken on my boat at Lake Lanier.  Mitchell was going to University of Alabama and was to play football, but - he tore his knee up during a pick-up game. Mitchell is the son of my late brother, Ervin Barocas & Maxine Swerdlin Barocas.  His high school bench press remained unbroken as of 2008.
Vacation in Miami 2013 visiting with my dear friend, Isak Akouka.  l-r: Joni, Sophie, Robyn, Lily, Scotty, Victor Barocas & Isak and his puppy.  His beaufitul home is on  Biscayne Bay
Did you ever LOVE your truck??  Well, I do.  My Chevy Avalanche.  It goes anywhere, rides smooth.  I don't think I will ever sell it.  It is my "baby"!  It screams Victor Barocas & I even display an American Flag on the back!
Can you say, Redneck Sephardic?
My sister-in-law Dr. Jill Braverman Panza (Joni's older sister.  At the TONY Awards 2013.  Missing is husband, Tony and son, Alex.
My first cousin, Betty Mardy Arogeti with my grandchild Sophie Grace Barocas - and me, Victor Barocas.  Now, Sophie Grace is 13 (2013).
Click below to read a letter to Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy from a cousin in California named Eugene Hammell on family history.
Rose (Rosie) Bensol to Ike Hasday.  Rosie was the daughter Cadun Barocas Bensol the sister of my grandmother Reina Barocas-Barocas.  They had one daughter, Rhonda.  All are deceased.
Eddie Bensol to Roz.  Their children are Caryn; Mark; Bruce.  Eddie is son of Cadun Barocas Bensol the sister of my grandmother Reina Barocas Barocas.
FAMILY PHOTO - both sides come together: Bottom Row -  (first two ladies are sisters of my grandmother Reina Barocas-Barocas) - Vida Barocas Cohen; Fortune Barocas Jack Saranga; Husband - Jack Saranga; My grandfather, Papoo Victor (Vitaly) Behar, My grandmother, Rebecca Ereza Behar; My grandmother Nona Corlu - Reina Barocas-Barocas, her daughter, Amatha Barocas Funess -  Albert Funess; her husband.  Middle Row - Leon Angel (nephew of Emanuel Mardy), my Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy, my father - Samuel Isaac Barocas, my mother - Louise Behar Barocas, mom's best friend - Mamie Lubin, Renee Barocas Stein my older sister, Betty Mardy Arogeti, Renee Funess Menoff.  Top Row:  Harry Yolles (husband of Ora Mardy Yolles, Emanuel Mardy.
My sister, Betty Barocas Roistacher with her Uncle Saul Abrahams (through marriage).  Saul is the father of Leon (Stubby) Abrahams and husband of Pauline Abrahams who was Bernie Roistacher's aunt & sister Bernies's mother, Elsie.  His son, Leon (Stubby) lives with wife Peggy on top of his own mountain in Clairmont GA.
My grandaughter (the ALL-STAR Catcher), Sophie Grace Barocas ....CUTE!  Now she is 13 in 2013!

Cousin Joe Arogeti and Betty Mardy Arogeti.  Betty is the daughter of my Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy.  They have 5 children, Jeanie, Jack, Shelly, Gail and Marty.  Plus a slug of grandchildren and even g.g. children. Joe passed last year (2012).  Joe was in business with my Father, Sam Barocas.  Then, he and my brother in law, Bernie Roistacher owned a liquor & beer store.
My sister, Betty Barocas marriage to Bernie Roistacher.  Bernie was my favorite person ever.  To know him was to love him.  FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!
They have three children: Sammy (Gayle), Lisa Fishman (Mark), Louie (Ellen Zaglin). Plus grandchildren and even great grandchildren.  We lost Bernie in 1988.
My Brother Ervin and Maxine had a first born son, Israel Michael Barocas "MICKEY".  This beautiful child died from a bike accident at the age of 5.  It destroyed my brother - forever.  Now, it is my hope that they are reunited as my brother passed in 2011.  They had a total of 5 sons: Mickey, Sandy (Samuel Isaac), Heath, Mitchell, Seth.  Mickey alway lovingly called me, "Uncle Caca" and I lovingly called him, "Miserable Michael".  So loved & So missed.
My Brother Ervin Barocas and Maxine Swerdlin Barocas had a total of 5 sons as mentioned above: Mickey, Sandy (Samuel Isaac), Heath, Mitchell, Seth.  Ervin was possibly the toughest Jewish boy of his generation in Atlanta.  I had to take up boxing when we were young for self preservation.  Our many fisticuffs are legendary...but, sadly - I was always the loser.... but, as my dear brother would say.... "if you  would have just kept your big mouth shut."  How True Big Brother, How True!
Bottom photo: Rachel Roistacher (daughter of Sam & Gayle).  Top: Rebecca Fishman (daughter of Lisa & Mark Fishman); Jessica Arogeti (daughter of Jack & Susan Arogeti).
My sister, Renee Barocas Stein and brother, Ervin Barocas.  This was at my Bar Mitzvah in Atlanta in 1958.  Word had it that she looked like the famous actress, Jennifer Jones.  Nah, Renee was prettier!
My Uncle, Dr. Jack Behar.  He was raised in Atlanta and set up practice in South Orange New Jersey.  He was the boxer (won nearly 100 fights) in the family and it was he who taught me how to box.  He used to say, "o.k., you are fast, but where is your power"?  I finally developed the "power" and got his approval.  His sons are Dr. Vic of Durham and Dr. Raymond of Tampa
My Uncle, Dr. Jack Behar with the love of his life, Mary Mushabac Behar.  They were returning from a cruise.  He was an investor in the stock market and that enabled him to retire to Florida at a relatively young age.  His sons, as mentioned, are Dr. Vic of Durham and Dr. Raymond of Tampa
My grandaughter, Lily (BOOM-BOOM) Barocas taking a rare moment of silence.  Ain't she CUTE?
Photo of my "husband in law"... Gary Kashdan who married my ex-wife Sivie and my nephew Sammy Roistacher who is a cop in Chattanooga, TN (after retiring from TVA).  
My sons, Scotty & David Barocas shown with Peggy Feldman (yes, the infamous Arthur Feldman's wife) and Sivie Barocas (Kashdan).
Click below to view Ladino Letters.  Out of order & needing translation.  HELP
My sister, Betty Roistacher's great grandaughter.  Mckenzie Betty Proctor of Chattanooga.  She is the daughter of Amanda & Bubba.  Amanda is the daughter of Sammy & Gayle Roistacher.
My sister, Betty Roistacher's great grandson.  Easton Henderson of Chattanooga.  He is the son of Rachel & Eric Henderson.  Rachel is the daughter of Sammy & Gayle Roistacher.
Betty Roistacher's grandaughters (my great nieces).  Rebecca Fishman; Angie Roistacher; Shana Fishman; Rachel Roistacher; Amanda Roistacher; 
Behar/Barocas Cousins Trip to Turkey, Greece, Egypt (Cruise).  Bobbi Behar Angel; Serena Behar Bloom; Susie Funess Haskell; Renee Funess Menoff; Starr (Estrella) Funess Kline; Jerry Kline; Betty Barocas Roistacher.  Not present but on the trip were, Violet Cohen Kauder; Sadie Ferezy Dolsky.
Click below for one of Monty's last letters to his Mom & Dad while he was in a hospital in France.  2 months later, they would receive the terrible news of MIA.
Close Friends since 1st grade at Morningside School in Atlanta.  l to r: Harvey Posner (Poosey) passed away suddenly in 2010; Johnny Soublis (I called him Mr. Greek & he called me Mr. Jew - today he suffers from a form of alzheimers); Vic Barocas (still healthy??); Charles Economy (Kidya - a form of his Greek name), every time he sees me at an event where I am wearing a tie, he cuts it off - because, I ruined his football career when we got into a stupid fight and I threw him into a pole and snapped his knee.  I guess it is not a big deal to sacrifice a tie every now & again!
The BRAVERMAN SISTERS.  Dr. Jill Braverman-Panza; Shari Braverman Kenny; my Joni Braverman Barocas.  The sisters were on a trip out west - "roughing it"!  2012
Grandfather, Victor (Vitaly) Behar (far left with apron).  Photo taken in one of his many restaurants.
My Dad, Sam Barocas and Mom, Louise (Luna) Barocas at Coney Island.  STUNNING!
Dr. Raymond & Susan Behar at a Behar Wedding in New Orleans.
Susan Arogeti.  Wife of Jack Arogeti who is the eldest son of Betty Mardy Arogeti & Joe Arogeti.  Susan & Jack are the parents of Joey & Jessica.
FAMILY PHOTO - Wedding of Ora Mardy to Harry Yolles.  They were a wonderful couple who had 5 children (none pictured, naturally) and they are: Zachary; Sherry; Penney; Marcy and Monty.  Now the Photo: Bottom - my brother Ervin Barocas; my mother Louise Barocas; that is me in white on her lap (Victor Barocas); Esther Mardy and Clara Mardy Angel (sisters of Manuel Mardy); gray haired lady is Uncle Manny's mother we called her Tia Mordechai; Molly Behar-Behar's mother; my grandfather  (Papoo) Victor Behar with (Nona) Rebecca Ereza Behar; Aunt Sarah with husband (Nona's brother) Rabbi Solomon Ereza; cousin Betty Mardy with cousin Serena Behar seated on her lap; Bobbi Behar; Top Row: l-r - Sam Barocas (my dad); Victor Behar with his Mom and Dad Mary Mushabac Behar & Dr. Jack Behar; my sister Betty Barocas; aunt Mollie's father Joseph Behar; The Grooms parents Cantor & Mrs. Yolles; Ora & Harry bride & groom; Uncle Manny Mardy - father of the bride with Aunt Sadie mother of the bride; Dottie Yolles sister of the groom; Raymond Behar next to my sister Renee Barocas; Gilda Yolles - sister of the groom; Aunt Mollie Behar-Behar with husband - my Uncle Joe Behar (he married a Behar). 
My dad, Sam Barocas at one time owned a beer distributing company in Washington DC and Arlington VA known as PAULSAM Distributors.  They sold Blatz and Pabst Beers.  This was a sales meeting.  He had family members working with him.  Standing on the left is my Uncle Joe Behar.  The man with arm around another man is my Uncle Leon Barocas.  My father is seated at the end on the left and standing right behind him is my Uncle Nat Barocas.  Finally, in the back of the room, the tall man standing is my cousin through marriage, Harry Yolles.
My dad on a visit to Seattle, Sam Barocas and niece Irene Barocas and his baby brother, Nat Barocas and the grandmother of Uncle Nat's wife, Rachel Uziel.  Now, she was also their "aunt" because, her brother Isaac Uziel was adopted by relatives on his mother's deathbed.  He changed his name to Barocas but then, he married his cousin Reina Barocas-Barocas.  CONFUSED?
Renee Funess to Murray Menoff.  She was the daughter of my Fathers sister Amatha Barocas Funess & Uncle Albert Funess.   
Luna Diamond was the daughter of my great uncle, Rabbi Solomon Ereza and Aunt Sarah.  She was the wife of Norman Diamond and had 2 daughters and one son (Monty Diamond) who was named for his Uncle Monty Ereza - killed at the Battle of the Bulge.  Her daughters are Bonnie (deceased) and Sarah.  Her obit is as follows:
To hear an interview with Luna & Norman Diamond's son (my second cousin), movie director, writer, etc. Monty Diamond (note photo to right). click on the following:
July 13, 1958 was my Bar Mitzvah.  Victor Barocas at Or Ve Shalom Synagogue in Atlanta, GA.  So, after I got a gift, my mom, Louise Barocas forced me to send out "thank you" notes and I did, and as you can see, I kept them short!
Dad, Sam Barocas of Atlanta with his Atlanta Buddies on vacation.  l - r: Sam Barocas; Nace Amato; Victor Benveniste; Sam Franco.  Their wives must have been out shopping!
Uncle Jack & Aunt Mary Mushabac Behar & sons, Victor & Raymond Behar.  All became doctors.  Uncle Jack was my dad's best friend.  The had a blast whenever they were together.  Uncle Jack also taught me how to Box and I loved it so much that together with family & Cousin Jack Arogeti's Bar Mitzvah money, we brought professional boxing to Atlanta.  Poor Jack Arogeti, in the end we he lost!
Barrocas cousins.  Esther Barrocas married Salvadore Barrocas.  Then, Salvadore's sister, Esther Barrocas Notrica who recently passed away in 2013.  She was married to the late Victor Notrica of Atlanta.
SOME INFO ON VICTOR (VITALY) BEHAR (Papoo) Husband of Rebecca Ereza Behar
1875 - 1955 FROM "FIND A GRAVE"
Mar. 15, 1875
Nov. 26, 1955

JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)
Name: Victor Behar 
Birth Date: 1875 
Death Date: 1955 
Age at Death: 80 
Burial Plot: Location: R14/4 Section: 1 
Burial Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States 
Comments: Synagogue: OR VE SHALOM 
Cemetery: Greenwood Cemetery 
Cemetery Address: 1173 Cascade Avenue SW 

Georgia Deaths, 1919-98
Name: Victor Behar 
Death Date: 26 Nov 1955 
County of Death: Fulton 
Gender: M (Male) 
Race: White 
Age: 79 Years 
County of Residence: Fulton 

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Name: Victor Behar 
City: Atlanta 
County: Fulton 
State: Georgia 
Birth Date: 15 Mar 1875 
Race: White 
FHL Roll Number: 1556952 
DraftBoard: 5 
Name: Hayim (Victor) Behar
Birth: 15 Mar 1875 - Constantinople
Death: 26 Nov 1955 - Fulton, GA (Georgia)
Parents: Yakov Behar, Sinyoru (Eugenia) (Nona) Behar 
Spouse: Rebecca Ereza

Birth:  1882 
Death:  Dec. 15, 1970 
Age at Death: 88 
Burial Plot: Location: R14/3 Section: 1 
Burial Place: Atlanta, Georgia, United States 
Comments: Synagogue: OR VE SHALOM 
Cemetery: Greenwood Cemetery 
Cemetery Address: 1173 Cascade Avenue SW
Greenwood Cemetery 
Fulton County
Georgia, USA 
Created by: Jack Johnson
Record added: Mar 18, 2012 
Find A Grave Memorial# 86956624 

 Barocas, Abraham 77314007
b. unknown d. Mar. 18, 1976 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Abraham 77314006
b. unknown d. Feb. 28, 1928 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Albert 77314008
b. unknown d. Jul. 16, 1959 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Arlene 77314009
b. unknown d. Jul. 9, 2011 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Isaac 77314011
b. unknown d. Jun. 2, 1948 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Isaac 77314010
b. unknown d. Jun. 14, 1940 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Isidore 77314012
b. unknown d. Feb. 25, 1950 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Jack 77314013
b. unknown d. Sep. 7, 1955 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Louis 77314015
b. unknown d. Jul. 7, 1955 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Louis 77314014
b. unknown d. Apr. 3, 1932 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Mary 77314016
b. unknown d. Mar. 17, 1954 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Mollie 77314017
b. unknown d. Jul. 5, 1924 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Morris 77314018
b. unknown d. May 5, 1926 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Nissim 77314019
b. unknown d. Mar. 27, 1957 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 

Barocas, Ralph 77314020
b. unknown d. Mar. 17, 1959 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Rebecca 77314021
b. unknown d. Jun. 14, 1956 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Regina 77314022
b. unknown d. May 12, 1962 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Samuel 77314023
b. unknown d. Apr. 26, 1960 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Samuel 77314024
b. unknown d. Mar. 25, 1961 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Sara 77314025
b. unknown d. Jan. 3, 1933 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Sarah 77314026
b. unknown d. Apr. 28, 1964 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Solomon 77314027
b. unknown d. Dec. 3, 1934 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Sultana 77314028
b. unknown d. Mar. 14, 1933 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Victor 77314029
b. unknown d. Nov. 5, 1942 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Victoria 77314030
b. unknown d. Dec. 13, 1957 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Zelda 77314031
b. unknown d. May 8, 1967 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 
Barocas, Zembul Abraham 77314032
b. unknown d. Oct. 20, 1938 Mount Hebron Cemetery 
Queens County
New York, USA 

Brother-in-laws, Dr. Irving Mushabac (changed to Beck) with my Uncle Dr. Jack Behar.  The lady is unknown.  Dr. Mushabac was the brother of my Aunt Mary Mushabac Behar. The tall kid is cousin Dr. Raymond Behar.
Aunt Mary Mushabac Behar with Uncle Dr. Jack Behar.  Mary Mushabac had three brothers, Eli, Albert and Irving and one sister, Esther.  They were MADLY in LOVE!  She always called me TOOTS.
Uncle (Dr.) Jack Behar with future heart surgeon, Dr. Victor Behar (at that age he should have been a "baby doctor"
A group of First Cousins.  Botom Row: Curt Bloom husband of Serena Behar Bloom (daughter of Joe & Mollie Behar); Victor Barocas; Conrad Angel husband of Bobbi Behar; Victor Behar (the younger - son of Joe & Mollie Behar); Top Row: Ervin Barocas (my brother); Dr. Raymond Behar & Dr. Victor Behar (sons of Jack Behar & Mary Mushabac).  The date was April 1998 to celebrate the 95th birthday of our Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy.  The party was held at the home of her grandaughter, Gail & David Philipson in Atlanta.
Same Family function as above - 95th birthday of Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy.  l to r: My wife, Joni Braverman Barocas; Marci Yolles (daughter of Harry and Ora Yolles - Ora was my first cousin); That's me, Victor Barocas; My eldest son, Scotty Barocas and his wife Robyn Gerson Barocas of New Orleans; Cousin Curt Bloom - husband of Serena Behar.
Reference the article below on 
Dr. Jack Behar, according to his son, Dr. Victor Behar: 
"The brunette in the article about my Dad was my sister Betty who died of pneumonia at age 1, before antibiotics. They never got over her loss and my father said a prayer and kissed a picture of her every night. I used to watch from my bed without him knowing. Magnify the picture of me with him holding my hand as you can actually read the headlines in newspaper."
My eldest son, Scotty Barocas with wife, Robyn Gerson and my niece, Lisa May Roistacher Fishman.  Two of the most beautiful women ever!  Scotty & Robyn are the parents of Sophie Grace & Lily Sarah and Lisa and husband, Mark are the parents of Rebecca & Shana Fishman.
Wonderful photo of my Dad, Sam Barocas with his namsake and grandson, Sammy Roistacher.  A very cherished photo!
David Barocas Bar Mitzvah  Pictured on bottom row: Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy; Aunt Mary Mushabac Behar.  Standing: Aunt Molly Behar (wife of my Uncle Joe Behar); Uncle Dr. Jack Behar; Luna Ereza Diamond (daughter of Rabbi Solomon & Sarah Ereza my great uncle & great aunt); Dr. Raymond Behar and brother Dr. Victor Behar (sons of Dr. Jack Behar & Mary Mushabac Behar)
My beloved brother, Ervin Barocas with his son, Mickey.  Mickey tragically died at the age of 5 from injuries sustained in a bike accident.  TODAY THEY ARE TOGETHER AGAIN.
My nephew, Louie Roistacher and my son Scotty Barocas
My niece, Lisa Fishman with husband, Mark Fishman.
3 Generations.  Seated is my great grandmother, Luna Eskanazi Ereza; Standing are my grandmother, (Nona) Rebecca Ereza Behar and my Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy.  Luna Eskanazi Ereza lived to be 106; Rebecca Ereza died in her late 80's and Aunt Sadie lived to 101.  This visit was to commemorate the birth of Ora Mardy Yolles 1925 cir
Two very loving sisters.  My Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy and my Mother, Louise Behar Barocas.  Both had long lives.  They were two Atlanta girls in their youth.  Both are buried in Atlanta at Greenwood Cemetery with their parents and many other family members.
My two sons.  Scotty Barocas and brother, David Barocas (on leave from the Army - Desert Storm would soon follow & he became an MP stationed in Germany.
3 brothers in law.  My Uncle Dr. Jack Behar; My Uncle Emanuel Mardy (Mordechai); my Dad, Sam Barocas
My wife, Joni (MeMaw) Barocas with a young grandaughter, Sophie Grace Barocas.
A Barrocas (2r's) Family Function in New Orleans back in the 1970's.
Standing: Dr. Albert Barrocas; Eliezer Cohen; David Cohen & wife Sarah Avzaradel Cohen (like my second parents as their sons Albert & Solomon were our friends growing up & still today); my mother, Louise (Luna) Behar Barocas; my sister in law, Maxine Swerdlin Barocas & my brother, Ervin Barocas.  Second tier: Rosie Cohen (childhood Atlanta friend of my mother); Luna Cohen Barrocas (widow of Isaac Barrocas who introduced my parents); on the floor: Maxine Handmacher Barrocas and her daughter Natalie Barrocas.
My wife, Joni Braverman Barocas with sister in law, Maxine Swerdlin Barocas and me, Victor Barocas at the wedding of my son, Scotty to Robyn Gerson in New Orleans in 1997.
That is me, Victor Barocas with my head chemist, Dr. Ray Wilson during a sales seminar.
Son, Scotty Barocas standing and nephew, Sandy Barocas seated discussing business.  
That is me, Victor Barocas (PawPaw) with grand-daughter, Sophie Grace Barocas.  How Cute?
My niece, Amy Feldman Barocas with daughter, Ivey Alexa on Lake Lanier.
Cousin, Dr. Raymond Behar to Susan Zeisler.  Raymond is the son of Uncle Dr. Jack Behar & Mary Mushabac Behar.  He is a retired urologist in the Tampa area (1913).
Wayne Gramling and me, Victor Barocas posing for an ad campaign selling our solvents.  We were both big and buff in those years.  I weighed about 275 lbs., but I was in really good shape.  I wish I looked like that today (now, old & flabby)!
My son, Scotty Barocas with my brother, Ervin Barocas.  Looks like they are going over a business report.  Hope it was a good one!
My brother, Ervin Barocas with son, Sandy (Samuel Isaac) posing for a business photo.
Dr. Victor Behar to Dr. Lenore (Cookie) Behar.  Victor and I were named after Victor (Vitaly) Behar our grandfather.
Partners photo (1995).  At one time, Ervin and I merged our company into a much larger company.  Then, 1 year later, Ervin and I bought out our partners.  l to r: Michael Schnell (VP); Ervin Barocas (President); Victor Barocas (COO); Harvey Cohen (CEO); seated: Larry Fox (VP).  The company, Apparel Sourcing Group, Inc., is still active.
Cousins in their liquor store.  Left, Bernie Roistacher; Right, Joe Arogeti.  Bernie ran the liquor store and Joe ran the Beer and Wine.  Store was located on Glenwood Ave in Decatur, GA.
First cousins & brothers & sisters.  My brother, Ervin Barocas; cousin, Bobbi Behar Angel; me, Victor Barocas; cousin, Serena Behar Bloom.  We were the 4 Musketeers even though we lived in Atlanta and the girls lived in Maryland.  But, we visited each summer with our Yankee Family!
Vicki Taranto Grosswald (Rael) and my mom, Louise Behar Barocas.  Vicki is the daughter of Dr. Morris Taranto and Bette Papouchado Taranto who was mom's best friend in Atlanta.  Vicki's grandparents were married in the home of my grandparents in Atlanta in 1917.
My sister-in-law, Maxine Swerdlin Barocas with her grandchildren, Ivey Alexa Barocas and Harrison Barocas.  Harrison starts at University of Alabama this fall (2013).  To know Maxine is to fall madly in love with her.  Ain't they cute?
Wearing my hat, great niece Rebecca Fishman and top right, Shana Fishman and the other two are my grandaughters Sophie Grace & Lily Sara with drinks in hand.
Mom, Louise Barocas with great grandaughter
Rebecca Fishman.
David Barocas; Victor Barocas; Phyliss Grosswald Maddens; Ira Maddens; Esther Grosswald
Top: Infamous "Cousin Stubby" Leon Abrahams (cousin of my brother in law Bernie Roistacher); Mark Fishman, my nephew married to my niece Lisa Roistacher Fishman
WEDDING OF LISA ROISTACHER TO MARK FISHMAN in Atlanta, GA at Or Ve Shalom Synagogue on September 5, 1981.:Top Row Standing: Ellen Lichtenberg & Warren Lichtenberg; Sivie Degan Barocas (Kashdan); Betty Arogeti & Shelly Arogeti Sloan; Renee Funess Menoff; Jeanie Arogeti (Schroeder); Joe Arogeti; Jimmie Degan; Victor Barocas; Sandy (Samuel Isaac) Barocas; Next Row l to r: unknown; Dr. Ed Fishman; Dr. Rick Fishman; unknown girl; Janet Fishman (Dr. Rick); Kathy Lichtenberg; Naomi Lichtenberg; Susan Behar; Jeff Behar (slightly behind Susan); Lenore (Cookie) Behar; Gail Arogeti (Philipson); Rhonda, Rosie and Ike Hasday; behind Ike is Murray Menoff; Leo Barocas; behind Leo Barocas is an unknown male; Susie Funess Haskell; behind Susie is Aaronette Swerdlin; Jack Behar; behind Jack is Maxine Swerdlin Barocas; Helen Fishman (step-mother of the groom); Ervin Barocas; in front of Ervin is Rosie Behar; Third row down l to r: 2 unknown flower girls; Sadie Behar Mardy; Lilian Lichtenberg; Mollie Behar-Behar; Groom - Mark Fishman; Jenny Behar; Bernie Roistacher (father of the bride) & Lisa Roistacher (bride); Louise Barocas; Amatha Funess Barocas; Mary Mushabac Behar; Jack & Mardy Arogeti (brothers); on the floor l - r: Ian Lichtenberg; Roz Lichtenberg; Louie Roistacher; Betty Roistacher (mother of the bride); Susan Behar on the lap of Sammy Behar with wife Gayle and Angie Roistacher; David Barocas; unknown child; Mitchell Barocas; Scotty Barocas; Richard Bernicker.
BEHAR FAMILY of Atlanta, GA circa 1922: l to r: Jack Behar (later Dr.); Nona Rebecca Ereza Behar; Papoo Victor Vitaly Behar; Sadie Behar (later Mardy); seated Louise Behar (later Barocas); Joe Behar (youngest).  Another brother, Albert died about 9 years earlier.
Ervin Barocas, my big brother was a noted Rock-n-Roll Singer.  He had a band called the NIGHT SHADOWS and they were great and sang every weekend at various colleges in the S.E. USA
Uncle Manny Mardy, Aunt Molly Behar-Behar (Uncle Joe Behar was deceased); Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy; my Mom, Louise Barocas; Aunt Mary Mushabac Behar and Uncle Dr. Jack Behar. 1977
BAROCAS REUNION - Seated: Betty Barocas Roistacher (from Sam Barocas); Renee Barocas Hausman (from Leo Barocas); Rosie Haday (from Kadun Barocas); Lorraine Barocas (from Leo Barocas); Susie Funess Haskell (from Amatha Barocas Funess); Standing: Irv Barocas (from Leo Barocas); Irv Barocas (from Leon Barocas); Renee Funess Menoff (from Amatha Barocas Funess).
l - r: Louise Behar Barocas; Mary Mushabac Behar; Dona Barocas (of Israel & Family Historian); Dr. Jack Behar; Amatha Barocas Funess. 1977 in front of Or Ve Shalom Synagogue in Atlanta, GA.
COUSINS VISITING IN TURKEY: l to r - Serena Behar Bloom; Bobbi Behar Angel; Betty Barocas Roistacher; the next three all had different Barocas (maiden name) Barocas as mothers.  Susie Funess Haskell; Violet Kauder; Sadie Dolsky.
TRUE LOVEBIRDS:  In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Louie Roistacher - my sister Betty Barocas Roistacher and husband, Bernie Roistacher in 1977.
SISTERS:  My first cousins in Egypt, Serena Behar Bloom (standing); Bobbi Behar Angel (on the camel).
My brother, Ervin Barocas with our Dad, Sam Barocas.
The son of my fathers baby brother Nat Barocas & Pearl Azose Barocas.  l to r: Isac & wife, Vicki Barocas and daughters.  Though we are first cousins, we have never met.
The Behars in 1977: l to r: top - Marci Behar (Dr.); Mary Mushabac Behar; Lenoir (Cookie) Behar (Dr.); Jeffrey Behar (Dr.); Susan Behar; Dr. Jack Behar (brother of my mother Louise Behar Barocas).  Missing: Dr. Victor & Dr. Raymond Behar.
My uncle Leo Barocas; Susie Funess Haskell; Pearl Azose Barocas; Betty Barocas Roistacher.  1996
Wedding of Lisa Roistacher to Mark Fishman: Seated: Aunt Molly Behar-Behar; Aunt Mary Mushabac Behar; Louie Roistacher (brother of the bride); Betty Barocas Roistacher (mother of the bride); Bernie Roistacher (father of the bride); front of Bernie is his son, Sammy Roistacher with daughter Angie; above Angie is her mother, Gayle Roistacher; Aunt Amatha Barocas Funess; My mother, Louise Behar Barocas.  Standing: Uncle Jack Behar; Cousins, Murray & Renee (Funess) Menoff; Susie Funess Haskell; Groom - Mark Fishman; Bride - Lis Roistacher Fishman; Cousins Rhonda Haskell with father, Ike and mother Rosie Haskell; Uncle Leo Barocas; Bernie Roistacher's aunt - Lichtenberg;  Standing further back l to r: my brother Ervin Barocas & the guy with the stupid grin is me, Victor Barocas.
My Mom, Louise Behar Barocas; Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy with her son-in-law, Joe Arogeti.
My Mom, Louise Behar Barocas in 1977 in Atlanta at the Bar Mitzvah of grandson, Louie Roistacher who is the son of Betty Behar Roistacher and Bernie Roistacher.
Louise Behar Barocas with g-grandaughters, Shana and Rebecca 1992
Aunt Mary Mushabac Behar, dancing a-La-Turka in 1957.  What a beauty she was!  An example of a-La-Turka as follows:
Another beautiful Aunt dancing a-La-Turka is my Aunt Molly Behar-Behar who was the adored wife of my Uncle Joe Behar.
The youngest brother of my father.  My Uncle Nat Barocas who married his cousin Pearl Azose Barocas
The 50th Anniversary of my Aunt Pearl and Uncle Nat Barocas along with my sister Betty Barocas Roistacher and Uncle Leo Barocas and cousin Susie Funess Haskell.
The last photo of my Mom & Dad taken on their last vacation before he died.  Louise Behar Barocas and Sam Barocas 1975
My Dad, Sam Barocas with his grandson Sammy Roistacher
Louie Roistacher's Bar Mitzvah 1977:  Bottom row: Jimmie Degan (step-mother of Sivie Degan Barocas); my Mom, Louise Barocas; Aaronette Springer Swerdlin (mother of my sister-in-law Maxine Swerdlin Barocas); above her is Sandy (Samuel Isaac Barocas); Next to Sandy is his Dad (my brother) Ervin Barocas and Maxine Swerdlin Barocas; next is me, Victor Barocas and my wife, Sivie Degan Barocas (later Kashdan).  My two sons, Scotty & David were in Orlando with their playschool camping out at Camp Jellystone Park at Disney.
Mardy & Yolles Family: Seated: Harry Yolles & Ora Mardy Yolles.  Standing l to r: Zack Yolles with grandparents Sadie & Manny Mardy and Monty Yolles on the end.
Aunt Molly Behar-Behar and my Uncle Joe Behar.  Uncle Joe was the baby brother of my mother Louise Behar Barocas.
Two of Betty Barocas Roistacher's grandaughters in August 2013 for a bridal shower held in Chattanooga for the "bride" Amanda (left) sitting next to one of her sisters, Rachel.  They are the daughters of Sammy and Gayle Roistacher.  All three of their daughters (Angie not shown) are BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!
Aunt Molly Behar-Behar and my Uncle Joe Behar's children on a cruise in 2013:  Bottom: Bobbi (Conrad Angel - dec); Serena (Curt Bloom - dec); Top: Rose Ellen (Donald Dzubak); Vic (Toby Silverman).  
Brooke Philipson.  Daughter of David and Gail Arogeti Philipson.  Grandaughter of Betty Mardy & Joe Arogeti.
great grandaughter of my aunt, Sadie Behar Mardy & Emanuel Mardy (Mordechai).
How CUTE!  Now mother of 2
My sister, Renee Barocas Stein, was a Beauty Queen!
First Cousins, Betty Mardy Arogeti with Leon Angel.  Leon was the nephew of Emanuel Mardy
Dear friends, Dickie Grosswald and his late wife, Judy "G".... to know her was to love her... quick wit... get you told but always with a smile... when she moved to Atlanta, she looked like Jackie Kennedy!
Dear friends, Lynne Morris and "MOOSE" or "BIG LEW", Lewis Morris.  We lost Lewis a couple of years ago.  He was a judo expert and for a big man, he could hit you and have you on the ground in a split second.  Lynne remains beautiful!
Mother and Daughter, my niece through marriage to Sandy (Samuel Isaac Barocas), Amy Barocas and her mother... Peggy Feldman.  
First Cousins, when they were little girls, seated: Serena Behar (Bloom); Bobbi Behar Angel.  From my Uncle Joe & Aunt Molly.  Mitey Cute!
Another dear lifelong friend, Dr. Emil Sanders, then me, Victor Barocas and my wife Joni Brraverman Barocas and you can barely see her, but - that is Emil's beautiful wife, Patti Poole Sanders.  Emil and I spent Saturdays together for many years + we were poker buddies!
My grandaughter, Lily Boom-Boom Barocas on her first day of 6th grade with her famous puppy, OLLIE and below, gran-daughter, Sophie Grace with the same dog, OLLIE and she started 8th grade. (2013)!
Well, we got these two dogs and just to aggravate our best friends, we named them "Artuhr & Peggy Feldman The Dogs".  Shown here with Lily, Santa and Sophie
Beautiful sister-in-law, Maxine Swerdlin Barocas when she met my brother, Ervin.  Wow!
The 90th Birthday of my Mom.  l to r: Maxine Swerdlin Barocas; Louise (Luna) Behar Barocas; Esther Grosswald and her daughter in law, Vicki Taranto Grosswald.
1995 Family Function: Seated - Harry Yolles and wife Ora Mardy Yolles; Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy; Cousin, Luna Ereza Diamond; Aunt Molly Behar-Behar; Standing: Jack Arogeti and baby Joey; Marcy Yolles; Dana Bloom with her mother Serena Behar Bloom.
That is me, Victor Barocas with great niece, Ivey Barocas daughter of Sandy & Amy Barocas.
That's me, Victor Barocas with Santa... what a treat!
My great-grandmother was a lady named Rosa Finz of Corlu Turkey.  She was the wife of Judah Barocas.  This photo was taken in New York with my Aunt Amatha Barocas Funess with the Finz Family which are our cousins.  I have no idea of their names.
WEDDING OF GAIL AROGETI TO DAVID PHILIPSON IN ATLANTA.  Many more names to be filled in:  Bottom Row: Eliott Stein; Jeani Arogeti; Bernie Roistacher; Susan Behar; Sammy Roistacher; Betty Barocas Roistacher; Angie Roistacher; Louie Roistacher; unknown girl; Jack Arogeti; Groom Lonnie Sloan; Bride Shelly Arogeti; Gail Arogeti; my ex wife, Sivie Barocas; David Philipson; unknown girl; unknown man; unknown; unknown; unknown; last seated is Vicki Cadranel; to her right standing with red tie is me, Vic Barocas; Irving and Mary Ererra; The second group up is: Isaac Franco; behind Isaac Franco is Sandy Barocas and my brother, Ervin Barocas; Rabbi Cohen's wife, Louisa; Renee Barocas Stein; Mark Fishman; Dr. Eric Bolster; Dr. Marci Behar Bolster; Robert Arogeti, unknown, unknown, Sam Grosswald; 
Rachel, Angie and baby Amanda Roistacher.  Grandchildren of my sister Betty Barocas Roistacher.  Now they are all beautiful married women in Chattanooga.
Three friends from "old" Atlanta.  Anita Hemo, Luna Ereza Diamond and Anita's sister, Lydia Amiel.  Ervin and I used to spend a month with the Amiel's at their beach front home in Daytona Beach Florida.
This stunning lady is Betty Papuchado Taranto.  The best friend of my mother since childhood in Atlanta.  Her parents were married at the home of my grandparents.  Her children are: Dr. Alan, Leon of Washington DC and Vicki Grosswald.
Mary and Bob Board.  They are close friends and business associates who live on their own mountain way out in the country.  In fact, Bob called me and said there was a big bear in his yard and he was afraid for his dogs.  So, he shot it.  He is like a modern day, Davy Crockett but with a Jewish attitude! 
Don't you know that my sons HATE this photo.  It is David with his monkey and brother Scotty.  I love the photo.  The good looking one is in the middle, I think his name was Arthur Feldman!!!
My sister, Renee Barocas to Donald Saxon Stein in Atlanta.  Beautiful Bride!
My dad, Sam Barocas with eldest daughter, Renee Barocas Stein catching some sun at our beautiful Atlanta home, Magnolia Manor.
Cousins at a Family Gathering in Atlanta: Dr. Lenoir (Cookie) Behar with husband, Dr. Vic Behar; Ervin Barocas; Vic Behar; Curt Bloom.
Seated: Ora Mardy Yolles; Mrs. Arogeti; Aunt Sadie Behar Mardy; Cousin Luna from Israel.  Standing: Mardy Arogeti; Joe Arogeti; Harry Yolles; friend of Cousin Luna.
A tragic loss.  My nephew, Israel Michael Barocas (Mickey), the eldest son of my brother, Ervin Barocas and Maxine Barocas died in a freak bike accident at the age of 5 in 1970.  Today, he is reunited with my brother.....
LIFELONG FRIENDS.  Well, there was about 15 couples who all got married around the age of 20.  Then, we all moved into the same apartment project.  Shown are: Jerry and Paula Erbesfield; Standing: My wife who was pregnant with our son Scotty, Sivie Barocas; Susie & Jerry Warshaw (he was my former roomate); Isak and Patsy Akouka (holding his son Alan).  1966.
My oldest sister, Renee Barocas Stein, on her wedding with my dad, Sam Barocas.  She was prettier than a movie star!
VICTOR MONTE BAROCAS Family Scrapbook (no specific order & is a work in progress) - Johns Creek, GA USA For my Grandchildren: Sophie & Lily
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